Thursday, April 18, 2019

The Hunt is available for pre-order!

Pre-order The Hunt Modern Classical Crossover Music Album Image

My new, modern classical crossover music album, The Hunt,
is now available for pre-order!

Hello everyone!

I'm very excited to announce that The Hunt is now available for pre-order on both Physical CDand Digital Download. Experience the modern classical crossover music album that serves as the soundtrack to our lives.

Where to get it and what do you get?

iTunes / Apple Music
  • You get the title track automatically with your pre-order. Apple Music users can instantly listen to the title track. Hit the preview button on the page to listen to preview snippets of every song on the album. You get the rest of the album on May 14th.
  • You get the title track automatically in multiple formats with your pre-order as well as unlimited streaming of that track. You can listen to a full preview of the title track, and the two singles from the album before purchase. You get the 28 page booklet in PDF format and the rest of the album on May 14th.
  • Physical CD: Yes, you can get The Hunt on physical CD! It includes the full, printed, physical 28 page booklet as well as the CD and packaging. Your pre-order is delivered on May 14th.
  • Note to international CD purchasers: The CD is only available for purchase on, but you can use your same account from your local Amazon store to purchase it there. They'll ship it to your location.
  • Digital Download (available at all Amazon stores): You get the title track automatically with your pre-order (and are only charged for that single song initially). You can listen to preview snippets of every song on the album on the digital download or Amazon unlimited pages. You get the rest of the album on May 14th.
  • Amazon digital download pre-order links for the UK and Spain (affiliate links):
  • You get the album in FLAC (lossless), MP3 HQ(320K), and AAC (256K), the 29 page CD Booklet in PDF, the cover art, and a digital poster compilation of the original, individual song cover art, on May 14th with your pre-order. You can listen to the title track in the preview pane as well as see a preview of the CD Booklet.
Other stores and streaming services will have the full album on May 14th. Be sure and follow me on your favorite service to get notified upon release.

I've added a page on my website here as the single repository with all the album information. You can see it here:

Thank you everyone for your support, and a special thanks to my patrons on Patreon. Y'all rock! :) 

Don't forget to share the links with everyone! Thanks. :) 

Enjoy the album! Live the music! :)

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