Sunday, October 16, 2005

Where does one belong?

Continuing the random trend, and once again digging into the recent past for something free from previous engagements, here is my rage against duality and status. I hope you like it:

Where does one belong?

It used to be education meant respect
Now it means the promise of a paycheck
and it don't even give that
What's Harvard to a bum
What's an intellectual in a slum

College is just a football team
when your high school and the airport
share the same entrance exams

For what are perfect table manners
when your table's at McDonalds
and your meal but fries and a coke

What's knowledge of the classics
or having great retort
when incomprehensible you are
to those who are your cohorts

What is getting up to greet a lady
when your table's standing up
eating a hot dog at the Stop n Go

A kid downstairs clicks away
over and over at a staple
Does that not define society
Has it not become its staple
A sedated monologue of clicks
without a thought
with thoughtless plight

What's my pain but that of me
What's my pain that I can't see
where social education has gone
where self respect is done
and I the homeless Harvard
everyplace but awkward
nowhere to belong


Once again, let me know what it means to you. :)
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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Lack of Spice

Recently, I was looking to indulge in preparing my favorite nachos recipe (see below), and looking for the most important ingredient, I realized that it no longer existed. I visited five different supermarkets and a few gas stations, looking for that very important, very particular ingredient. Sure, I could use other brands and lesser variations, but I had to try for the exact, exquisite taste that I've always enjoyed. That special ingredient is Tostito's 100% natural, Medium Salsa, not the Mild which is ridiculously available and way too soft and thick, nor the Hot which dulls that perfect taste and is also highly unavailable. You might wonder why specifically that ingredient is so important, and I'll say because it has a perfect blend of ingredients, spices and tastes, apart from having that additional health benefit of being all natural and fat free.

Seeing as the Mild was overtly available and the Medium and Hot completely inaccessible, I began to contemplate how that reflects upon us as a society. Their unavailability translates to the fact that no one is purchasing them, supply and demand. No demand for the Hot or Medium means that no supply is necessary. So why isn't anyone purchasing the Hot or Medium? Has society gone completely mild?

We live glued to televisions, sedated by the heavenly glow of their colorful pixels on the screen. People live sedentary lives with their only stimulation coming from living vicariously through the latest reality show. So, was it any surprise that there was bland food for bland lives? Perhaps not, but for those who still seek the spice, that hot, lively experience that only reality can provide in its empirical splendor, there's always been at least something to appease our lifestyle tastes. Yet, now our taste buds are being forced to indulge in mild foods, the sedative that keeps the masses at bay. The spice of life, it seems needs to be blended away into regularly scheduled programming to maintain that ever important control.

But I say NAY! I will not give in to the corporate masters that decided I should submit to their control and renounce the spice of life. I refuse to stop indulging my brain with spicy foods for thought and actions that keep my body competent and athletic. Mildness leads to inaction and disfunction, and if they'll force upon us the mild sauce, I will spike it with tabasco or whatever else I can find. Reality is better when experienced physically, not virtually.

So, fight the lack of spice. Wake up your senses to the Hot and Medium sauce. Activity and free thought is the true spice of life. Wake up, get out there and think, but lets have some nachos first.

The recipe: Franco's Favorite Home Nachos (all natural veggie food)

1/2 a bag of Tostito's 100% Natural, Organically Grown Blue Corn Restaurant Style Chips.
1/2 an 8 oz bag of Sargento 100% Natural 4 Cheese Mexican Blend (includes Monterey Jack, Cheddar, Queso Quesadilla, and Asadero)
1/2 a jar of Tostito's 100% Natural Medium Mexican Sauce (Hot is also allowed)

1. Cover a microwave safe plate with a layer (1/2 a bag) of corn chips.
2. Cover corn chips with a layer (1/2 a bag) of the cheeses.
3. Spread (1/2 a jar) Sauce all over the the cheeses.
4. Heat in microwave 1:30 minutes or until cheese is melted.
5. Eat and Enjoy :)
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