Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Doll Chronicles (formerly The Barbie Chronicles) now on Facebook!

Some of you may have noticed that The Barbie Chronicles is now The Doll Chronicles. Well, as the series grows, there are many changes along the way, and with the name change comes the official Facebook page for the series. You can find it here.

Consequence, The Doll Chronicles
Promotional Poster
 Consequence, The Doll Chronicles, the latest short film in The Doll Chronicles, also has its own mini website. You can find that here. It continues in the series of silent, short films that utilize a doll, both metaphorical and literal, to tell a number of stories in different genres and exploring a number of issues. Be sure to visit the page and don't forget to Like it on Facebook!

The Doll Chronicles on Facebook:
Consequence, The Doll Chronicles mini website:

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Friday, July 18, 2014

My photography book, Natural Raw, now on the iTunes iBooks Store for only $4.99 (Prices may vary by region and currency)

Those of you who wanted to get my photography and thoughts collection, Natural Raw, but were put off by the high price of the 12 X 12, huge, printed book, will be happy to hear that you can now get Natural Raw in a super economical, but still high-quality, digital ebook format on the iTunes, iBooks Store. Click here to get it for only $4.99 (Prices may vary by region and currency.)

If you don't have an iBooks compatible, Apple product or access to the iBooks store, you can also get it for the same price (which may also vary) directly from the Blurb service here. The ebook at Blurb is in an iBooks for iPad format (EPUB), so you should download the appropriate software or converter if you're not using Apple products to view it. Check out the free, Calibre eBook Software here and check out compatibility requirements.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with the Natural Raw collection, it represents a vision of nature that includes its raw forms and expressions, as well as the occasional crude, human contribution. Some of these are dramatic and can even by cruel and violent, and yet, others express a peaceful beauty like no other.

The book is laid out like a voyage through different aspects of nature, and attempts to express its raw vision both through impactful images and through their accompanying written expressions. It attempts to evoke unexpected feelings and thoughts in the viewer, both contrary and predictable. It is my hope that you will enjoy my varying visions, the ethereal brightness, the daze-inducing, happy and flowery views, the dark void within the visions of smoke (from my Visions of Smoke collection, available in book and ebook formats here and in purchasable prints here), the raw crudeness of consumption, and the dreamy nature of colorblind.

If you would prefer to have the large, printed book, you can now get it on by clicking here. It's printed by Blurb and ships internationally. You can also get prints from the photographs in the book here.

Thank you and I hope y'all enjoy it, no matter which format you choose.
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