Tuesday, October 16, 2018

"The Family Reviews" has reviewed The Wait

"The Family Reviews" has reviewed The Wait

The Family Reviews has reviewed Franco Esteve's The Wait classical music single
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The Family Reviews is a really cool concept where a family reviews music. Are they music professionals or journalists? Are they particularly qualified? No and no, but they don't claim to be. I love their concept because it's folksy, straightforward, and because it's like an instant focus group of regular folks who live in different parts of the world and have very different musical tastes.

They've now reviewed my single, The Wait (though the "Mom" ended up listening to my whole repertoire and commenting on that instead, and the "Dad" didn't review this time around). I knew they wouldn't all find it to their liking, especially since it's not a genre that's commonly all that popular, but I also knew they would express how it made them feel. I couldn't be more satisfied with that.

Though the music wasn't their cup of tea, the consensus is that it felt cinematic, telling a story, and that it communicated the feeling of waiting. What else could an artist ask for but for their listers to feel what they wanted them to?

Read the review here.

As my patrons on Patreon and my fans already know, I've often struggled with insomnia and The Wait is meant to, in a beautiful way, reflect that struggle, that waiting, that unresolved sleep. I'm glad that it captured that, even in people who are not into the genre or style of music.

Thank you The Family Reviews, and thank you to all the fans and especially to my patrons who support all my work, especially when they might not enjoy a particular piece of music or art I've created. Thank you! :)

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Listen to Franco Esteve's The Wait interview with award-winning journalist, talk show host, and national spokeperson, Ed Tyll, on Starcom Radio Network's The Ed Tyll Show:

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You can listen to The Wait on Spotify here:

You can buy it from Bandcamp here. It's also available on iTunes here. Tidal also offers it both for salein FLAC and MP3, and for streaming. Deezer now has a Spotify like free tier and you can find it there by clicking here. Their flowfeature is quite cool. Amazon digital also has it, and you can find that here. I've tried to make it available on all the main sales and streaming services. Don't forget to follow, like, and share on whichever your service you listen to it on. :) Thank you!

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