Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Doll Chronicles (formerly The Barbie Chronicles) now on Facebook!

Some of you may have noticed that The Barbie Chronicles is now The Doll Chronicles. Well, as the series grows, there are many changes along the way, and with the name change comes the official Facebook page for the series. You can find it here.

Consequence, The Doll Chronicles
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 Consequence, The Doll Chronicles, the latest short film in The Doll Chronicles, also has its own mini website. You can find that here. It continues in the series of silent, short films that utilize a doll, both metaphorical and literal, to tell a number of stories in different genres and exploring a number of issues. Be sure to visit the page and don't forget to Like it on Facebook!

The Doll Chronicles on Facebook:
Consequence, The Doll Chronicles mini website:

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