Friday, March 09, 2018

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Like other artists, I've joined Patreon, the service that allows you to be a royal patron of old and support independent artists like myself through crowd-funding and micro-payments. Patreon allows you to participate in the great tradition of the royal patrons of old. I'm your Beethoven, your Da Vinci. Ok, not even close, but I'm your artist, and you'll join me in my journey of creation, getting access to my creative craziness, drafts, art, photos, films, and music, lots of music.

Producing music, films, and art costs all kinds of money, from equipment to software to food and people. You can participate. You can be part of the process. You can be the fuel that feeds the artist! You'll feed my creativity by freeing me to create

What do you get when you become my royal patron?

  1. You get to feel good because you ARE a royal patron of old, sponsoring an artist's work.
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  3. Content: Early access to final content, patron exclusive content, behind the scenes, and all kinds of extras
  4. Access to the artist: Access to me, to how I do it, to where it comes from, etc.
  5. Participation: You get to participate in the process as I include you in my journey of creation. You get to hear from me directly, and will be able to interact with me and my work.
  6. You get to free the artist to create. Costs go way beyond cost of living to include audio engineers, equipment, instruments, software, all kinds of hardware, way too many hard drives, cameras, crew, actors, food, film festivals, production, etc., etc., etc., so your patronage frees me to dedicate myself to my arts.
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Tuesday, March 06, 2018

New-age Music Single Release: Siurana Spell

Siurana Spell is a new-age, single music release, originally created for the Mallorca 360 project's relaxing, 360º VR, Siurana Canal video, which you can watch and experience on YouTube here: or on VeeR here: or on their website here: It's available now on most, popular streaming services and online digital music shops.The song will also also be available later this year, along other songs created for the Mallorca 360 project, in a dedicated soundtrack album release. 

About the song

Siurana Spell is both meditative and relaxing while simultaneously evoking some classic, romantic themes I created. It was written specifically for Mallorca 360’s 360-degree, virtual reality video of the Siurana Canal in Muro, Mallorca, Spain, where you can relax and contemplate the canal’s beauty, virtually standing on the dock next to it. It transports you beyond the canal, and romantically lifts you to a loving and relaxing space.

Listen to it in Bandcamp's embedded player below:

or on your favorite service. Here are some links:
Listen to Siurana Spell, a new age song by Franco Esteve on Spotify Get or Listen to Siurana Spell, a new age song by Franco Esteve on iTunes Apple Music Get or listen to Siurana Spell, a new age song by Franco Esteve on Listen to Siurana Spell, a new age song by Franco Esteve on Deezer Buy or listen to Siurana Spell, a new age song by Franco Esteve on Tidal Get Siurana Spell, new age music single at Bandcamp Get Franco Esteve's New Age Music Single, Siurana Spell at Gumroad

I hope y'all enjoy this release and all my music. Thank you all for your continuing encouragement and support, and for all the wonderful messages. Stay tuned, there's much more to come. :)

Buy and listen to Siurana Spell:
Spotify song link:
Google Play Store:
Amazon (USA):

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