Sunday, May 15, 2016

Paranoia, The Doll Chronicles Soundtrack is now available!

Paranoia The Doll Chronicles Soundtrack Cover ImageThe original soundtrack recording for the silent, experimental, horror short film, Paranoia, The Doll Chronicles has been released! It's the first release of music from The Doll Chronicles series of short films.

I've included The Doll Chronicles theme, which is probably the piece of music I've received the most requests for (apart from maybe the trailer music for Consequence, The Doll Chronicles), as well as some of the soundscapes from the film. Apart from Dark Theater (The Doll Chronicles Theme), the main highlights are the main Paranoia music that plays throughout the film and the full film audio, a high quality version of the actual music and sounds from the entire film, beginning to end.

What about the music from Reaction, The Doll Chronicles?

Some of you have asked about Reaction, The Doll Chronicles, but the music from that is Tristan and Isolde from Wagner, which you can easily acquire and was originally licensed to include in the film. The music for the rest of The Doll Chronicles is all original music by Franco Esteve... me. :)

What about iBoogie and other music from the series?

iBoogie, originally composed for Consequence, The Doll Chronicles is available for purchase or streaming, by clicking here. You can also listen to it on Spotify here. I hope to release more music from the series throughout the year, with the music from Consequence, The Doll Chronicles next (though I'll release the film publicly first). That release will probably include some of the unused music as well.

Where can I get the album and songs from Paranoia, The Doll Chronicles?

They are available on most, popular streaming services and online download stores, like Bandcamp
Listen to Paranoia, The Doll Chronicles soundtrack on Spotify Get or Listen to the Paranoia, The Doll Chronicles soundtrack on iTunes Apple Music Get or listen to the Paranoia, The Doll Chronicles Soundtrack on Listen to the Paranoia, The Doll Chronicles soundtrack on Deezer Buy or listen to the Paranoia, The Doll Chronicles Soundtrack on Tidal Get the Paranoia, The Doll Chronicles Soundtrack on Gumroad Listen to and get the Paranoia, The Doll Chronicles Soundtrack on Bandcamp

Here's the track list:

Track list (Music by Franco Esteve)

1. Dark Theater (The Doll Chronicles Theme)
2. Reading a Scary Book
3. Paranoia
4. Atmosphere
5. Should I kill myself?
6. Hanging
7. Paranoia The Doll Chronicles Full Film Audio

copyright©2016 by Franco Esteve. All rights reserved.

Where can I watch the original film?

If you missed the original film, you can watch it below, or on YouTube, by clicking here.

Thank you

I hope y'all enjoy this release and all the upcoming releases of The Doll Chronicles music as well as the new entry in the series, Apocalypse, The Doll Chronicles, coming when it's ready. Thank you all for your continuing encouragement and support, and for all the wonderful messages. Stay tuned, there's much more to come. :)

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