Sunday, October 16, 2005

Where does one belong?

Continuing the random trend, and once again digging into the recent past for something free from previous engagements, here is my rage against duality and status. I hope you like it:

Where does one belong?

It used to be education meant respect
Now it means the promise of a paycheck
and it don't even give that
What's Harvard to a bum
What's an intellectual in a slum

College is just a football team
when your high school and the airport
share the same entrance exams

For what are perfect table manners
when your table's at McDonalds
and your meal but fries and a coke

What's knowledge of the classics
or having great retort
when incomprehensible you are
to those who are your cohorts

What is getting up to greet a lady
when your table's standing up
eating a hot dog at the Stop n Go

A kid downstairs clicks away
over and over at a staple
Does that not define society
Has it not become its staple
A sedated monologue of clicks
without a thought
with thoughtless plight

What's my pain but that of me
What's my pain that I can't see
where social education has gone
where self respect is done
and I the homeless Harvard
everyplace but awkward
nowhere to belong


Once again, let me know what it means to you. :)
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IvO said...

Interesting poem... Sad but true...

Franco Esteve said...

Thanks, I thought so too. :)

ausmericanmutt said...

I like... I like lots

Franco Esteve said...

Hey I, good to see you here. :) and a big thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :) I still have to come down sometime. I'll let you know.

NPB said...

college means lots of partying. you pay to learn how to party, and then when you graduate you work and learn the real thing at work and then you have no time to party... but you have more money to party... uhhh it makes no sense.

Franco Esteve said...

There's always time to party, and if there isn't, then there's vacation time...with money! :)

Miguel Juan said...

Ok... BFranco...
My two pennies worth:
You are right in your thinking, and what is education now a days? Where does it lead? It almost seems a waist of time when you realized it does not help you to make more money.
But, then again, education is knowledge if you take advantage of it. Who cares about the diploma! Who cares about careers! After all, they are only part of our physical existence. It's only part of ourmortal being.
Now, the path to Wisdom and Enlightment. That is the journey most precious to me. That is what will feed the soul and carry over to the next life.
So, what is Harvard to a bum? Well, how about Pillars of Wisdom. And, what's an intellectual to a slum? A step through this walk of life, a learning process, an experience, etc...
well, that's a bit of my mind...

Talk to you soon, BFranco... Miss you!

Anonymous said...

heyyyyyy thanks for your posts

Anonymous said...

heyyyy i miss you

Franco Esteve said...

Hey thanks :).